Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our little Girl

See that girl?  Yeah - the one obviously about to get into trouble, and the one saying "oops!"  She has become our crazy, fun loving, and spirited child.  She's into everything, has an ear-piercing scream, and knows what she wants and most often times, how to get it.  Usually I am fascinated by her determination and love her crazy ways.  But, when it comes to potty training - I just might want to laugh and give up. 

Today she has decided her Elmo panties are for peeing in.  She sits on the toilet for about 5 minutes reciting her alphabet, counting, and singing some made up songs of hers.  It's a joyous time in that bathroom of hers!  But, when she's done singing she gets up, declares "I all done," pulls up her panties and runs full speed ahead - down the stairs, into the kitchen or dining room.  Then, 2 seconds later runs to me and says, "uh-oh mamma, I go potty my panties."  I reply, "Seriously, Maejae!"  She laughs, I grit my teeth, and the battle to potty train continues . . .