Thursday, August 23, 2012

Parker turns 1

I can hardly believe that Parker is 1 year old already!  I don’t know where this last year has gone, and I wish I could slow time down.  But, that is impossible, so instead we’ll try to enjoy everyday that we have with our sweet Parker.  He is still quite a cuddly baby, and still loves his mommy!  He has the sweetest spirit, but is growing into his red hair – loud screaming, throwing things, playing in the toilet, etc.  But, we love our Paker-roo! 


Parker got a new pool with some balls to play with.  He also got a toddler swing that fits perfectly on our swing-set.  His friends gave him some toy cars, and Grandma and Grandpa Larson sent him his first card with money!  He still hasn’t spent his dollar yet because mommy hasn’t taken him to the dollar store yet.  But, I’m sure he’ll pick out a ball, car, or some other boy toy!

Maejae Turns 3

My poor Maejae.  Everytime her birthday comes around something happens to make it so she can’t have a big ol’ party.  We did have the party in Utah, but when we got to Iowa and her real birthday came around, we didn’t know anyone.  So, we had a small family birthday celebration for our little girl.  She is growing up fast, but still continues to be our free spirited, wild, animated little girl!  I love her smile, her silly ways, and the rare moments when she settles down enough to cuddle with me!  Happy Birthday Maejae!!!!




Maejae loves to play with balls, so we got her a basketball hoop for the basement play-room.  She also got a Dora doll that swims in the bathtub, and a Dora Towel.  For her birthday, she chose a Curios George birthday cake – which is quite fitting for our little silly monkey girl Smile

* And yes, we did get new flooring put in.  It does not still look like crap.

My Sister

I just love my sister!  She’s one of the strongest, most amazing women I know, and I have loved living within a days drive from her.  But now that we have moved to Iowa, I miss her.  It’s been 2 months since I last saw her, and I’m going through withdrawals! 

On our way to Iowa, we had to stop in and visit my sissy.  The cousins all had a wonderful time playing together, and we celebrated all the summer birthdays (Russ, Shelly, Maejae, Gavin, Austin, Parker).  Poor Natalie was the only kid without a summer birthday, but she did get a prize so she wasn’t too upset!

My sister’s husband is part of the K-9 unit for his district.  That means that Gavin has a cop car just like his Daddy, and the kids all loved going for rides.


When I found out that Nathan would be attending medical school, I decided I wanted to save up and take him on a wonderful cruise for graduation.  However, I ran into some immigration crap and couldn’t leave the country.  So, we did the next best thing we could think of and went to Disneyland!  It was Nathan’s first time, and the first time for all of our children.  We had a blast, and were so glad Grandma decided to join us.  It helped having an extra hand with the kiddos and the kids had so much fun!  Nathan and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary while we were there by going on some adult rides (Tower of Terror, Indiana Jones, etc).  Still so in love with my Prince Charming!!  And maybe I’ll get to surprise him with a cruise sometime in our lives Smile

*Sidenote: When will I stop feeling like a newlywed and as if our lives are flying by?  I feel like Nathan and I just got married, but then I see the fact that we finished school, had 3 kids, and have moved all the way to Iowa.  Then I don’t know what to believe!  Times goes by faster the older I get . . .