Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Nathan and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend an adult session of our Stake Conference in Beaverton before moving to Arizona. It was at this special conference that we got to hear from our Lord's servant, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. I knew that that this was a man called of God to assist in the great work of bringing our souls unto Christ.

Last October I again had the opportunity to hear President Uchtdorf speak. Only this time it was to the women of the church at the General Relief Society broadcast. I cannot tell you how much this particular talk spoke directly to me. Being in a new state, not knowing anyone outside Nathan and Natalie, not having a home, and not knowing what was in store for us here in Arizona, I felt lost. I felt as though I had forgotten my role and purpose in life.

As I listened to these words, I knew the Lord was telling me that I am fulfulling my role as a wife and mother. All my life, that is what I have desired to be. I don't want to work, I don't want to have an awesome career, I don't even care about the degree sitting in a box somewhere in the garage. To me, my sole purpose on earth is to be a wife and mother - it is my dream, and always has been.

However, sometimes being a homemaker can get tiresome. I sometimes get stuck in the ruts and feel as though I am not good enough and that I am not contributing to the world. Hearing this talk has so incredibly changed my life, my outlook on being a wife and mother, and my ability to create what I feel the Lord would have me create.

I know now that all I create within my own home, and within my own children's lives is what truly matters. When days get long, the house gets a little messy, and things don't seem to go right, Nathan kindly helps me remember this special talk. It is then that I retire to a clean corner of the house, forget about my worries, and begin to create! I have loved every minute of it, have been able to somehow make things I never dreamed of making, and have felt more at peace knowing I am doing what the Lord would have me do. Added to that is the blessing that the Lord has trusted me with a special daughter, and another on the way, to help them learn to create.

I love my husband for supporting me in desiring to be nothing more than a wife and mother. I love my husband for his dedication to our family and our progression on this Earth. And above all, I love the Lord and His amazing sacrifices for my sins. Without Him - I am nothing.

" Isn't it remarkable to think that your very spirits are fashioned by an endlessly creative and eternally compassionate God"

"the more you trust and rely upon the spirit, the greater your capacity to create"

Monday, April 27, 2009


The last weekend of Spring Break, we gathered with a group of friends and went camping here in Arizona. It was a lot of fun, and we had plenty of activities for everyone to stay involved.

Hiking with Daddy and Mommy

Playing at the Park

Swinging with Mommy

She might be the Athletic type?!?!

The Duck Pond

Of Course I brought crafts for the kids!

We had fun making our hats!

Natalie got a little sun but she made a good sun visor

We drove to a Ghost Town. It was awesome!

The drive there was beautiful

Nathan and I loved this house. It looks so much like a witch's house

Jerome was an old mining town

Spring Break

It is Spring Break for Midwestern, which means I get to have my husband 24 hours a day, for 9 whole days! So far we have had a ton of fun . . .

Nathan's Parents came to visit. They are going on a mission soon so we are sure glad they got to come down and see us.

John (Nathan's dad) helped Nathan get our backyard ready for Sod.

We took Nathan's parents on a tour of Nathan's school.

We went lemon picking and even Natalie got to help

Stay tuned for more Spring Break Fun!

And then it's Monday

When Nathan signed up for Medical school we knew we'd be in for some long days, lots of study hours, and excessive talk about medical terminology, new medical advances, etc. However, I don't think either of us realized what we were truly in for until this term.

With the stresses around possibly losing our baby, me working, having Natalie at home with me, church callings, and Nathan in medical school . . . life sort of got crazy. So, we took a step back and analyzed our situation. After putting some thought into it and praying for guidance, we have a new routine. It makes for some really long days, but in the end - it is paying off amazingly well!!

Let's start with Tuesday through Thursday. I work 8-9 hours while Natalie somehow manages to keep herself busy. I quickly give her a bath, read to her, feed her and play outside with her on my breaks/lunch. After work I typically clean the messes any 2 year old left to entertain themselves might make. Then I usually run errands, take Natalie on a play date, etc. We quickly head home to be there by 7pm so I can have dinner done and on the table by 8pm.

Nathan gets up at 7am and goes to school. He has classes until 3pm then studies until 8pm. I don't know if I would be that dedicated, but he does an amazing job.

Friday rolls around and we do the same daily routines, but most Friday nights Nathan will leave school at 7pm so we can go on our weekly date. Seriously, everyone needs weekly date nights!!!

Saturday finds us sleeping in until 7:30 or 8am when Natalie decides she is bored in her crib. Then we mosey on downstairs for breakfast. Usually Nathan heads to school to study and Natalie and I find things to occupy our time. Nathan returns around 8pm as usual and we spend the night watching movies, playing games, etc.

Sunday. What a lovely day - Sunday!! Church, afternoon naps, watching golf, eating a nice family dinner together, etc. We love Sunday. After Natalie and I go to bed Sunday night, Nathan starts studying for his exams again and studies till the wee hours of the morning.

And then it's Monday (My good friend Jillian understands Mondays) - alarm goes off at 4am. Nathan, who just got into bed a few hours ago - is sometimes hard to wake up. He rolls out of bed and gets ready for the day while I make his breakfast and lunch. Between 4:30am and 5am, Nathan leaves for the school to get some extra study time in before his 8am test. I go back to sleep until 6am when I start work. We go about our daily routines, and Nathan finally comes home around 6pm. Mondays - Mondays - Mondays. My poor hubby is tired at the end of the day, but manages a family night and extra playing time with Natalie. Then he will sometimes hit the books again after we go to bed. Mondays. Tough - long - crazy - but all in all, just another wonderful day at the Larson home!

1 Year of Med school almost done - 3 to go!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Baby Larson # 2

We are proud to announce that Baby Larson # 2 will be joining our family around July 16th, 2009. We are having another baby girl - Yay!!!! We had a small scare at the very beginning of the pregnancy as I started to cramp and bleed a lot. But, after 4 weeks of bleeding, the baby continued to grow and mature (turned out my ovarian cyst ruptured and caused the bleeding). We had an ultrasound and she is right where she should be in development, and she continues to gain weight just like Natalie did! I am afraid I just have big babies. Remember, Natalie was almost 10 lbs - well, this baby is on track to be just as big. But, as long as my babies are healthy girls, I'll take them as big as they wanna come! As of now, I feel great and still have lots of energy. We are grateful to the Lord for blessing us with another baby, and even more grateful that she is so healthy! We are truly blessed.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Valentine's Crafts

Grandma Beaumont sent Natalie a Valentine's Package full of crafts and goodies. We spent the night making flower bracelets and necklaces, which Natalie proudly displays around her neck.

Grandma Larson sent Natalie a Valentine's card with a Butterfly tattoo and pin. Natalie just happened to be wearing a butterfly outfit, and wanted to have her butterfly tattoo on her hand right away. These are the best pics I could get of the temporary tattoo, but trust me, it was pretty cute!

Swimming with our Friends

We love swimming - and you can bet we do a lot of it here in Arizona. We found a little spot called Aqua Tots that has free swimming on Saturdays - so we joined our friends and had some fun!

Fun at Home

Sometimes Natalie and I get bored when Daddy is at school studying. So . . . we find ways to occupy our time!

Christmas in Oregon

Christmas is by far one of the greatest holidays! I love being around family, and enjoying the beautiful scenery and spirit that Christmas always brings with it.

This year, Natalie and I flew to Oregon to spend a week with my family while Nathan studied for exams. We had a lot of fun playing with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Jason, Aunt Lisa, and Uncle Scotty! I think they all missed Natalie, but she remembered everyone and was such a joy to watch this Christmas season.

I got to go snowboarding while we were in Oregon. Yes, I know. Not the smartest thing to do when you’re 3 months pregnant – but I was very careful to go slow, and not to crash! It was so much fun being up there with my brothers and Lisa again. Jason and Scott had fun showing off their new jumping skills for me, and Lisa and I enjoyed watching as we slowly made our way down the mountain! It was a blast!

Natalie had fun riding on the sled behind Grandpa. He took his daily walk with her and I tagging along. It was so much fun and Natalie loved seeing the dogs and birds on our walk in the snow.

Two days before Christmas, Oregon decided to welcome about 2 feet of snow to the valley. Ordinarily, this would have been very fun and exciting, but it caused quite an upset in our family. Nathan’s flight to Oregon was canceled and we were worried that he would have to spend Christmas all by himself in Arizona. Well, after lots of prayers Nathan was able to get the last seat available on a flight to Oregon the next day. I couldn’t believe it but having Nathan with us made our Christmas complete! First we went sledding at Dad's house!

The snow didn’t stop when Nathan got to Oregon, and of course, Jason and Nathan had to make the best of it on Christmas Eve at Dad’s House! I love that they get along so well, and have so much fun together – but seriously – making a ramp over an electric box . . . probably not a good idea! Lisa and I had to laugh at them! What more can you do?

Christmas at Dad’s house was great – all the kids had a lot of fun playing in the snow, eating dinner, and playing games. I think Dad (Grandpa) got a little worn out after chasing Natalie all day, but they had a lot of fun together.

Christmas Day took us to Jason and Lisa’s house where we had our Christmas festivities with Mom, Mike, and Mike’s kids. It was a lot of fun having everyone there – and my mom never fails to make getting together an adventure! First, we had to wait for everyone to get to Jason and Lisa’s so we had breakfast in the morning. Then we got to open Christmas presents. We all got lots of fun things, and enjoyed spending the day together!

Fall Harvest Festival

It isn't very often that Nathan gets an entire week off school, but he finally did when Thanksgiving rolled around. Instead of sitting around at home, we decided to venture to the parks of Arizona, and attend a Fall Harvest Festival. It turned out to be a TON of fun, and it was so rejuvenating to relax and play in the beauty of Arizona with our little family!

Petting Zoo

Natalie loved watching the ducks dunk their head in water!

Natalie's first Pony ride

She loves running away from Daddy

Bounce House Maze


We rode a paddle boat around the Park

Beautiful Arizona Parks - Love it!