Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nathan Starts Podiatry School

We've been in Arizona for a week now, and Nathan has started his classes at Midwestern University. We took some pictures of his first time on campus as a medical student. I can hardly believe we are here in Arizona, but I know Nathan is going to love going to Midwestern.

Midwestern University

Sahuaro Hall - Where Nathan will study like crazy for the next 4 years!

Nathan knew from the very beginning that this is where he should be, and he has been nothing but excited to start his long journey in medical school. The road to becoming a Podiatrist is not an easy one, but I know Nathan will be able to be successful, and may even enjoy parts of his new schooling.

Welcome to Med School Nathan!

Natalie says, "We love you Daddy"

We'll be here to support you 150%

Good Luck Nathan - LOVE YOU TONS!!!

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