Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Nathan has finally turned 27 years old! On his actual birthday, Nov 6th, Nathan was stuck at school studying for an exam. So, Natalie and I took matters into our own hands and made Nathan his favorite snack – Rice Crispy Treats! But, we added a little extra to make it special for Nathan. Natalie was so excited to spoil her Daddy, and Daddy sure did love his Birthday surprise!
She loves to help Mommy cook

The beginnings of Daddy's birthday surprise

She was so excited to make Daddy's Golf Course Rice Crispy Treats!


She had to tell Daddy all about her surprise! She was quite Proud - and so was Daddy!

The weekend of Nathan’s birthday, we had a surprise party with a bunch of our friends from school/church. I think Nathan suspected the surprise, but he still enjoyed having friends over for cake and ice cream!



Happy Birthday Nathan!

You're getting older - but you're still a Sexy Stud!!!!!

Love you tons!

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