Friday, June 26, 2009

Grand Canyon Adventures

Larson Family
Grand Canyon Adventure

For the last weekend of Nathan's summer break, we headed to the beautiful Grand Canyon! It was amazing to see, and such a fun adventure for our family. We couldn't do any major hiking as I am 8 1/2 months pregnant, but we still managed to hike the south rim of the Canyon (about a 4 hour hike). Natalie did awesome and had a complete blast. Daddy enjoyed taking lots of fun pictures, and I loved being outdoors with my family. Although, I must admit I was quite sore after our little hike. But, it was well worth it!!!

Natalie thought it was so much fun when Daddy ran while carrying her in the hiking pack. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful daddy!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

On to Vegas . . . Again!

Because Nathan's two brothers (Tristan and Pete) live in Vegas with their families, we get the opportunity to travel to Vegas every now and then. It is only 5 hours away from our house, and Natalie loves going to see her cousins. We recently went to Pete's graduation and had a wonderful time with Grandma and Grandpa there too.
Then, two weekends later, we headed back to Vegas for Pete and Alison's new baby's blessing. This time, we rented a hotel room at The Orleans and spent a lot of time playing in the pool with Hailey and Carter (Natalie's cousins). It was a lot of fun, and a good little vacation while Nathan was out of school.

I love this picture of Nathan and Natalie. They have so much fun together! I'm glad Nathan is such a good Daddy to his little girl.

On the way home from Vegas, we always see these cool rock formations. This time, we decided to stop and take some pictures. Isn't it amazing how they look so perfectly stacked on top of each other. Makes me wonder how they were formed, and what keeps the top rocks from swaying in the wind and falling off! I think they are pretty cool looking.

Miniature Golf

Nathan had 2 weeks off from school this summer to enjoy the beautiful weather here in Arizona. Unfortunately, I had to keep working during those 2 weeks so we couldn't travel anywhere too far away. But, we made the most of it by doing some activities around town.

Nathan loves golfing, but Natalie is a little too young to really golf. So, we decided to take her to Castles and Coasters Miniature Golf Course. She did quite well for a 2-year old, and Daddy had fun teaching her how to hold her club like a pro. I don't think Natalie really understands golf yet . . . but someday she will be Daddy's little golfer girl!

Congrats Nathan!!!

Nathan has officially completed his first year of Podiatry School and will soon begin his 2nd year. I am so proud of Nathan for all he has done in maintaining good grades, completing his first year of med school, and keeping our family happy. I could never have asked for a better hubby than my Nathan! I miss him when he is at school, but know he is doing all he can to support our family and allow me the opportunity to stay at home with our children. His sacrifices do not go unnoticed, and his determination to succeed has made our transition to medical school and life in Arizona not only easy, but fun and adventurous as well!

We Love you Daddy!

Grandma's in Town!!!

My mom and her boyfriend, Mike, came to visit us here in Arizona. It was so much fun having them here to see our new house, Nathan's new school, and to show off how much Natalie has grown. I know Natalie loved having Grandma and Mike here, and she misses them tons and tons!

Here are some fun photos of Grandma and Natalie playing together.

Remember this doll? It's the Baby Alive doll that my mom bought Natalie for her 1st birthday. Well, Natalie is finally getting old enough to really play with her. When grandma came to visit, she brought some diapers for baby doll. Natalie had grandma put the diaper on the baby, get her dressed, and proceeded to play mommy. Here she is showing Grandma how to feed her baby and give her a bottle. See that green messy goo??? Yeah, that doll actually CRAPS the green stuff!!!! Luckily, grandma was here so we made her change the baby doll's diaper - lol.

Remember Grandma's birthday present for Natalie this year? Here she is wearing her chef's hat she got and cooking with Grandma. I remember my mom letting us kids cook with her when we were growing up. It was so much fun, and those memories are still with me today. I guess it's because of my memories that these pics seem so special to me! I love seeing Natalie up there cooking away with Grandma, and having so much fun. They made a chocolate cake and sugar cookies. Daddy loved the sugar cookies, and I liked the cake! Yummy!


My mom and her boyfriend, Mike, came to Phoenix to visit us. We had a lot of fun playing, sight-seeing, etc. One highlight of their trip was our adventure at the Nascar Race here in Phoenix. I have never been to a live race before . . . but it was a lot of fun! I don't think I will ever forget how incredibly LOUD those cars are!

This is the Nascar Stadium. There were a lot of vendors outside the stadium selling souvenirs for all the drivers. We bought a few gifts for the big Nascar fans: Mike, Jason, and Lisa!

My mom and Mike obviously enjoyed themselves! Mike is showing his greasy chicken fingers in that photo - not trying to scare me! Oh, and remember how I said those cars were loud . . . check out my mom's totally awesome ear plugs. Thank goodness she brought those cause we all used them the entire race!

We sat right in front of Pit Row and got to see all the cars coming around turn 4. We did get to see some action on Pit Row, but all the wrecks were on the other side of the track. It was kind of a bummer that we didn't get to see any but it was still a lot of fun!

Happy Birthday Natalie!!!!

Natalie turned 2 years old in April, and we couldn't help but celebrate with an Elmo party. Natalie loves Elmo, and most of her friends like him too. So, we had a BBQ with games, crafts, cake, and presents.

Natalie and Emma enjoying their dinner.

My mom was here from Oregon, and she helped the kids make an Elmo craft. Natalie still has hers hanging on our fridge!

We played Pin the Nose on Elmo. Natalie wouldn't wear the blind-fold though.

My Mom helped me decorate this Elmo cake for Natalie. She wanted to eat it right away, but Daddy saved the cake so everyone else could enjoy a piece too.

Natalie got lots of presents from her friends and my Mom and Mike. Do you see that chef's apron and hat? Natalie LOVES to play kitchen with Mommy and actually wears her chef's outfit. Somehow, I have gotten roped into wearing my apron too . . .

Cookies . . . Yummy!

During the Easter season, we got together with friends and decorated some sugar cookies.

Natalie enjoyed eating them!

Pretty cute, huh?!?!

Midwestern Easter Egg Hunt

So . . . it rains a little bit here in Arizona and everyone freaks out. Instead of making these kids bundle up and participate in a real Easter Egg Hunt outdoors in the rain, Midwestern brought all the kids inside. Needless to say, it was quite crowded and definently NOT what I am used to having grown up in Oregon. C'mon people - Rain won't hurt you. I guess what really matters is that Natalie had fun, and got some eggs full of candy she isn't usually allowed to have. She also got some stickers she enjoyed putting on Daddy!

Natalie had lots of fun collecting eggs with her Daddy and playing with the bubbles she got.