Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Natalie!!!!

Natalie turned 2 years old in April, and we couldn't help but celebrate with an Elmo party. Natalie loves Elmo, and most of her friends like him too. So, we had a BBQ with games, crafts, cake, and presents.

Natalie and Emma enjoying their dinner.

My mom was here from Oregon, and she helped the kids make an Elmo craft. Natalie still has hers hanging on our fridge!

We played Pin the Nose on Elmo. Natalie wouldn't wear the blind-fold though.

My Mom helped me decorate this Elmo cake for Natalie. She wanted to eat it right away, but Daddy saved the cake so everyone else could enjoy a piece too.

Natalie got lots of presents from her friends and my Mom and Mike. Do you see that chef's apron and hat? Natalie LOVES to play kitchen with Mommy and actually wears her chef's outfit. Somehow, I have gotten roped into wearing my apron too . . .


  1. Uhm...that's Emma in the tent with Natalie. :D The party WAS a lot of fun!

  2. Haha - awesome. Don't worry, I fixed it. You'd think I would know who was who, huh?!?!?!