Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grandma's in Town!!!

My mom and her boyfriend, Mike, came to visit us here in Arizona. It was so much fun having them here to see our new house, Nathan's new school, and to show off how much Natalie has grown. I know Natalie loved having Grandma and Mike here, and she misses them tons and tons!

Here are some fun photos of Grandma and Natalie playing together.

Remember this doll? It's the Baby Alive doll that my mom bought Natalie for her 1st birthday. Well, Natalie is finally getting old enough to really play with her. When grandma came to visit, she brought some diapers for baby doll. Natalie had grandma put the diaper on the baby, get her dressed, and proceeded to play mommy. Here she is showing Grandma how to feed her baby and give her a bottle. See that green messy goo??? Yeah, that doll actually CRAPS the green stuff!!!! Luckily, grandma was here so we made her change the baby doll's diaper - lol.

Remember Grandma's birthday present for Natalie this year? Here she is wearing her chef's hat she got and cooking with Grandma. I remember my mom letting us kids cook with her when we were growing up. It was so much fun, and those memories are still with me today. I guess it's because of my memories that these pics seem so special to me! I love seeing Natalie up there cooking away with Grandma, and having so much fun. They made a chocolate cake and sugar cookies. Daddy loved the sugar cookies, and I liked the cake! Yummy!

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