Thursday, December 23, 2010

Taking a break . . .

Every year my sister-in-law, Karen, makes gingerbread houses from scratch, and all the family joins in on the decorating.  We aren’t going home this year, so we had to improvise, and create our own.  I didn’t dare attempt to make my own gingerbread without Karen’s teaching (next year, Karen), so we bought stuff and and let the girls decorate.  Of course, we had to use Chocolate Frosting, because Chocolate is Natalie’s favorite!


Maejae was blowing kisses while waiting to decorate.



Natalie did a fantastic job decorating, and only ate a few Chocolate pieces.

Maejae – on the other hand – spent the majority of the time stuffing marshmellows into her mouth while daddy calmly monitored her.  At one point Nathan said, “that’s enough Maejae.”  I looked over and she had about 10 marshmellows stuffed in her mouth, and couldn’t even chew!



Natalie’s side is covered in chocolate covered candies.

Maejae’s is covered in marshmellows!!!

They are too silly sometimes.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas is Here!

This year, we decided to decorate our house for Christmas a little earlier than last year.  We did it the Sunday after Thanksgiving – and I’m so glad.  We love Christmas at our house, and it has been so fun to have the lights on our tree light up the living room, and Christmas music playing throughout the day!
Maejae didn’t really grasp the concept of decorating the tree, but had fun watching.  Natalie, on the other hand, REALLY enjoyed decorating this year, and put almost all of the ornaments on the tree by herself.  Nathan had to help her reach the high spots on the tree, but she loved it!

The girls liked watching Daddy put the lights on the tree, but that’s about all Maejae wanted to do.  She didn’t want to help with anything!
Natalie likes to model lately.  This is her modeling by the tree!
Copper got lots of attention, and was told not to touch the tree by Miss Natalie.
Natalie put almost all the ornaments on the tree herself!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Where’s the line to see Jesus

My sweet 3-year old daughter, Natalie, is always saying interesting things to make me think.  Recently she asked why we were having a Christmas party, and I explained to her that we were celebrating Jesus’ birthday. Natalie got very excited and said, “Mom, I’m gonna get Jesus a ladder so he can come down and visit me.”  I told her that was a very good idea!

Then, this past Saturday we had our ward Christmas party, and they had Santa come for the children.  Natalie ran up to me and told me she saw Santa carrying a green bag.  I asked if she wanted to go sit on Santa’s lap and she said, “no, he’s scary.”  So yesterday when we were doing a little shopping for Christmas, Natalie kept asking for new toys.  I told her she’d have to wait and see what Santa would bring her for Christmas.  She said, “No Mom, I don’t like Santa.  Jesus is going to bring my presents.”

Then this morning I woke up to an e-mail from my dear friend, sharing this beautiful music video.  This brings tears to my eyes as I recall Natalie’s love for Jesus, and her innocent joy in this Christmas season! 

May we all remember the Reason for the Season, and spend a little more time reflecting on our Savior’s love for us.