Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Everyone should Garage-Sale!

My mother taught me the value of going to garage sales when I was a little girl. We'd all pile in the van and go "shopping" every Saturday in Oregon. Sometimes we wouldn't get anything . . . but a lot of the time we would come home with "new" toys, and other trinkets!

I still like getting up on Saturday to check out all the neighborhood garage sales - and so does my mom. So, when she came in August for Maejae's baby blessing, we decided to spend our Saturday morning driving around town looking for the best garage sales. Well, we didn't find too many - but we did come across an awesome project!

We bought a little chair for $2.00 (I didn't take any before pictures - dangit!) . . .

However, it had really nasty, soiled, all pink, fabric on it. So, we took it apart!

We cut up a bunch of fabric and re-upholstered the chair with Nathan's help!

(Please take note of my mom's bottom lip sticking out . . .

(And then my tongue sticking out - Like Mother/Like Daughter!)

And in the end, we made a beautiful chair to match Natalie's room!
She loves her new chair and reads in it every day for at least 30 minutes!

Thanks Grandma!!

Rain, Rain . . .

It rained a while ago . . .

We miss the rain . . .

Please come again . . .

Pretty Please!

Monday, November 9, 2009

I know . . .

I know . . . I am incredibly behind in my blogging once again. I was reminded by a friend in Oregon that Maejae is 4 months old and I don't have any new pictures of her on my blog. I was going to update that today during the girl's nap-time but got distracted.

Can you guess what I got distracted with???

Yes, my friends! I am a sucker for my sewing machine. It somehow seems more fun to me than sitting at the computer. For instance - I made Natalie a "Super Natalie" cape with a big "N" on it today. I gave it to her after her nap-time and she has been running around the house yelling:
"Super Natalie . . . to the rescue."

Now why would I blog when I could spend my time doing things that make my kids happy? Oh yeah . . . someday they won't be little kids anymore. And someday, I'll want to look back on my blogs and journals and remember what life was like with my girls.

So, I guess I am trying to say that I will get around to posting blogs sooner rather than later. For now, hold tight my Oregon friends (and Mom and Sis) . . . blogs will be coming!