Thursday, December 23, 2010

Taking a break . . .

Every year my sister-in-law, Karen, makes gingerbread houses from scratch, and all the family joins in on the decorating.  We aren’t going home this year, so we had to improvise, and create our own.  I didn’t dare attempt to make my own gingerbread without Karen’s teaching (next year, Karen), so we bought stuff and and let the girls decorate.  Of course, we had to use Chocolate Frosting, because Chocolate is Natalie’s favorite!


Maejae was blowing kisses while waiting to decorate.



Natalie did a fantastic job decorating, and only ate a few Chocolate pieces.

Maejae – on the other hand – spent the majority of the time stuffing marshmellows into her mouth while daddy calmly monitored her.  At one point Nathan said, “that’s enough Maejae.”  I looked over and she had about 10 marshmellows stuffed in her mouth, and couldn’t even chew!



Natalie’s side is covered in chocolate covered candies.

Maejae’s is covered in marshmellows!!!

They are too silly sometimes.

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