Monday, April 27, 2009

And then it's Monday

When Nathan signed up for Medical school we knew we'd be in for some long days, lots of study hours, and excessive talk about medical terminology, new medical advances, etc. However, I don't think either of us realized what we were truly in for until this term.

With the stresses around possibly losing our baby, me working, having Natalie at home with me, church callings, and Nathan in medical school . . . life sort of got crazy. So, we took a step back and analyzed our situation. After putting some thought into it and praying for guidance, we have a new routine. It makes for some really long days, but in the end - it is paying off amazingly well!!

Let's start with Tuesday through Thursday. I work 8-9 hours while Natalie somehow manages to keep herself busy. I quickly give her a bath, read to her, feed her and play outside with her on my breaks/lunch. After work I typically clean the messes any 2 year old left to entertain themselves might make. Then I usually run errands, take Natalie on a play date, etc. We quickly head home to be there by 7pm so I can have dinner done and on the table by 8pm.

Nathan gets up at 7am and goes to school. He has classes until 3pm then studies until 8pm. I don't know if I would be that dedicated, but he does an amazing job.

Friday rolls around and we do the same daily routines, but most Friday nights Nathan will leave school at 7pm so we can go on our weekly date. Seriously, everyone needs weekly date nights!!!

Saturday finds us sleeping in until 7:30 or 8am when Natalie decides she is bored in her crib. Then we mosey on downstairs for breakfast. Usually Nathan heads to school to study and Natalie and I find things to occupy our time. Nathan returns around 8pm as usual and we spend the night watching movies, playing games, etc.

Sunday. What a lovely day - Sunday!! Church, afternoon naps, watching golf, eating a nice family dinner together, etc. We love Sunday. After Natalie and I go to bed Sunday night, Nathan starts studying for his exams again and studies till the wee hours of the morning.

And then it's Monday (My good friend Jillian understands Mondays) - alarm goes off at 4am. Nathan, who just got into bed a few hours ago - is sometimes hard to wake up. He rolls out of bed and gets ready for the day while I make his breakfast and lunch. Between 4:30am and 5am, Nathan leaves for the school to get some extra study time in before his 8am test. I go back to sleep until 6am when I start work. We go about our daily routines, and Nathan finally comes home around 6pm. Mondays - Mondays - Mondays. My poor hubby is tired at the end of the day, but manages a family night and extra playing time with Natalie. Then he will sometimes hit the books again after we go to bed. Mondays. Tough - long - crazy - but all in all, just another wonderful day at the Larson home!

1 Year of Med school almost done - 3 to go!!!

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  1. Oh, yeah. I know all about Mondays! But, I usually make his breakfast and lunch Sunday night before I go to bed so I don't have to get up at 4am when he does!