Thursday, April 23, 2009

Glendale, AZ

August 18th found us making the long drive to Glendale, Arizona. We drove from Salt Lake, UT to Vegas and stayed the night with Pete/Alison and Tristan. It was fun to see them, but we had to hit the road again to get to Arizona before Nathan's classes started.


My first thoughts upon entering Arizona were not too pleasant. I thought it was too hot (118 degrees), too brown, and too different than Oregon. However, as we started to get closer to the city, things started to look so beautiful and so clean. I have never lived in such a clean city before! Everything is newer, and all the parks and streets are clean. I began to think that I might like it here after all. The sun was blazing and even Natalie had to cover her precious eyes!


When we arrived in Arizona, we rented a small apartment and only had the things we could put in our cars. This left us with an air mattress, pack-n-play for Natalie to sleep in, a small box of toys, and our clothing. We realized we didn't have any eating utensils so we bought a few plastic bowls and cups to use. Never in my life have I lived with so little. We had absolutely nothing in our apartment! We ate all of our meals sitting on the floor, spent most of our free time on the floor playing with Natalie, and had to go outside if we wanted anything extra fun to do. However, in having nothing but the bare essentials, I realized how happy life really was. Never have we spent so much quality time as a family, and never have we enjoyed one another's company so much. It was such a joy to watch Natalie run around the living room, dancing and singing. There were no couches, no TV, no decorations, nothing. She had a wide open room to run and run and run. She LOVED it!

Eventually though, we realized that our goal in moving to Arizona was to buy a house. So, we started the house hunt. It has become somewhat of a chore to find the perfect house in the perfect location, but we're enjoying the search. I know the Lord will bless us with a wonderful place to live for the next 4 years.

As for now, we'll just enjoy Arizona's beautiful weather, scenery, and atmosphere. I think this will quickly become our new "home"!

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