Friday, April 24, 2009

Baby Larson # 2

We are proud to announce that Baby Larson # 2 will be joining our family around July 16th, 2009. We are having another baby girl - Yay!!!! We had a small scare at the very beginning of the pregnancy as I started to cramp and bleed a lot. But, after 4 weeks of bleeding, the baby continued to grow and mature (turned out my ovarian cyst ruptured and caused the bleeding). We had an ultrasound and she is right where she should be in development, and she continues to gain weight just like Natalie did! I am afraid I just have big babies. Remember, Natalie was almost 10 lbs - well, this baby is on track to be just as big. But, as long as my babies are healthy girls, I'll take them as big as they wanna come! As of now, I feel great and still have lots of energy. We are grateful to the Lord for blessing us with another baby, and even more grateful that she is so healthy! We are truly blessed.

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