Thursday, August 23, 2012

Maejae Turns 3

My poor Maejae.  Everytime her birthday comes around something happens to make it so she can’t have a big ol’ party.  We did have the party in Utah, but when we got to Iowa and her real birthday came around, we didn’t know anyone.  So, we had a small family birthday celebration for our little girl.  She is growing up fast, but still continues to be our free spirited, wild, animated little girl!  I love her smile, her silly ways, and the rare moments when she settles down enough to cuddle with me!  Happy Birthday Maejae!!!!




Maejae loves to play with balls, so we got her a basketball hoop for the basement play-room.  She also got a Dora doll that swims in the bathtub, and a Dora Towel.  For her birthday, she chose a Curios George birthday cake – which is quite fitting for our little silly monkey girl Smile

* And yes, we did get new flooring put in.  It does not still look like crap.

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