Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Graduation Catch-Up: Banquet

Nathan had his graduation banquet the last day in May.  It was during the day, at a little convention center thing in Phoenix.  It wasn't anything extra spectacular or expensive, but it was very nice to get together and celebrate graduation.  Nathan was nominated as his class speaker, and did a great job!  He couldn't figure out why he was nominated, but he spoke about professionalism, giving back to the profession of Podiatry, and expanding awareness.  I think everyone enjoyed his speech - and no one fell asleep :)

Nathan giving his Speech

Happy Wife - Happy Parents

Yeah - we did this - together!!
But mainly Nathan did it . . . cause let's face it, med school is tough.

Some of the guys

Med School Friends

The Best Med School Friends - EVER!
 (minus my DO wife friends who were at a different banquet)

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  1. haha yup-- not there. ah well, I still get to wee your house every day :)