Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Parker Boy

Girls vs. Boys

Girls: Help in the Kitchen by trying to cook and clean with mommy
Boys: Dump out all drawers, empty all cupboards, sit in drawers and pots

Girls: Sing in the bathroom mirror, make faces in the mirror, take long baths
Boys: Dump out all bath water onto the floor, play in the toilet, eat toilet paper

Girls: Change 5 times a day because they like to have new outfits
Boys: Change 5 times a day because they like dirt, mud, and smashing food into their clothes

Girls: Push plate away when finished eating
Boys: Throw food across the kitchen but still want to eat more, then smash food in hair when full

We love our Parker, and all the new adventures he is bringing to our family!


  1. This just made me giggle! I feel the same way about Day and the boys...only her drama...I don't know what to do with it!! Hope you guys are doing well and adjusting to this new crazy life!