Monday, December 28, 2009

Catching Up

I am doing some catching up . . . mainly so our families can look at the pictures we've been taking of the girls. But, I am also doing some catch up so this blog can be more like a little journal of the crazy things my girls do on a day to day basis. I will still highlight the big, fun, and exciting times in our lives, but I think this space will serve me better if it is more of a day to day fun thing to post on than a chore! So, bear with me. Next week we will have a whole new blog :)


  1. You know, I'm really glad you are doing it that way. I much prefer reading journal type entries to tell you the truth!

  2. Thanks for not even telling me you had this blog! :) I always check the one on your Larson site! Good thing I checked it out on Alison's! :) Cute blog.