Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's Raining!

Tomorrow my birthday present should be arriving via UPS. I am getting this totally awesome bike trailer. It has a million pros: fits both girls, aluminum wheels, sturdy, new, and green (which matches my bike). The cons: It is apparently too cool to be in stores, so Nathan had to order it, forcing me to sit patiently for that UPS guy to ring my doorbell tomorrow! I can't wait!!!

And the reason I can't wait: I LOVE the rain. It makes me think of home in Oregon, and brings with it cold-weather activities. One of those activities is riding bikes in the rain, and coming home with the big skunk tail from all the dirty water spraying on your back. It is going to be so much fun! It has been raining all day today, and I noticed that the washes on 59th are quite flooded. So, I am hoping it rains a little bit longer. That way, I can take my girls on a bike ride and show them some muddy water rushing down the wash tomorrow! Seriously, I'm excited!

But, today we're doing some inside rainy day activities. So far, we have watched a movie, drank hot chocolate and watched the rain (while Natalie explained to me what the bird in our back yard was doing), read a few books, and made a few crafts. Then we had lunch with Daddy at school and took a quick trip to JoAnn's with Ashley so I can get started on my next project. All in all, a perfect colder, rainy day at the Larson house here in Arizona! Except for maybe Nathan - he had an exam this morning, and is going to be studying until dinner time. But, he did well on his exam and will be home in time for dinner, and some games. We love our daddy!!! And, we love the rain :)

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  1. Yay! For the RAIN:) Im EXCITED that you are excited for your NEW AZ WEATHER and ALL the fun you have in store:) KEEP US POSTED on your adventures!1