Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year
* 2011 *

The Larson Family says Goodbye to 2010

- Completed his 2nd year of Podiatry School and is now 1/2 way through his 3rd year
- Built a few websites to continue to support the family
- Got called to the Elder's Quorum Presidency
- Sold his Scooter and fixed his Honda
- Managed to break his ankle, then sprain it, then tear a ligament in it (van, football, and running mis-haps)
- Got to go golfing at some amazing courses this year thanks to his friends and brother
- Had 1 Grandma turn 90, and another pass away
- Realized that his girls totally have him wrapped around their fingers
- Somehow managed to survive a house full of 3 girls all competing for his attention
- Took the family on lots of fun adventures, including ice skating, camping, swimming, hiking, etc.

- Managed to keep the family organized, together, and in good spirits throughout our Med School journey
- Spent time working with the girls and teaching them how to write, draw, paint, read, cut, etc
- Got called to the Primary Presidency
- Completed numerous sewing, crafting, and painting projects
- Got a new minivan to haul the kids around in
- Painted and decorated our kitchen with the help of her friend, Ashley
- Had a brother get married and got to spend lots of time with her family
- Prayed for Mike's cancer treatments to be effective
- Got to visit her sister a few times in Utah
- Learned that her children cannot be compared, as one is quick to learn and full of attitude while the other is a quiet observer yet quite feisty in her own little semi red-headed way :)

- Learned her alphabet, their sounds, and how to read small words (such as cat, hat, mom, dad, etc)
- Learned how to spell her name, but is still working on writing it correctly
- Spent a lot of time playing with friends, going to parks, the library, and swimming
- Started to get into dancing, and will soon take ballet
- Gave up her obsession with Elmo and turned it into a Princess Obsession
- Got her haircut for the 3rd or 4th time
- Decided she was scared of the dark, and got a new Princess night light
- Taught Maejae a lot of new tricks, such as how to scream really loud and then laugh hysterically
- Decided she is going to be a doctor, a mommy, a dancer, an artist, and a big sister
- Taught her mommy that sometimes it's ok to let the house get messy and play an extra hour

- Learned how to crawl, stand, walk, climb, and eventually go up and down the stairs
- Failed to learn how to climb out of her crib (thankfully)
- Learned that grabbing Copper's tail and pulling results in getting scratched, but is also really funny
- Learned how to put her face under water when swimming, and how to blow bubbles
- Learned how to take her pants off
- Got very good at saying "NO" to her big sister
- Spent a lot of time playing with other kids, babies, and sometimes adults
- Realized that coloring and painting is a lot of fun, and even more fun when it involves messes
- Somehow managed to gain enough weight to move in to a big girl carseat
- Plays the piano on a daily basis, and gets jealous when mommy plays
- Learned that the easiest way to bug her sister is to step on her legs, or sit on them

- Decided to accept Maejae's constant tail pulling (except when she does it over and over)
- Learned that running up and down the stairs really fast in front of mommy's legs results in her falling
- Thinks the best afternoon consists of curling up in a ball and napping the noise away
- Managed to get on mommy's good side again, and was spared the horrible life of an outside only cat

And now . . . for 2011:
The Larson Family will Introduce Baby Larson # 3
Due the first week in August 2011

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  1. Yay! Congrats, that is so fun and exciting. I hope you are feeling well!