Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Train Park

Yes, this post is a little late considering the fact that we went to the train park a while ago.  But, there are some cute pictures to share so I decided it’s better late than never.


Natalie wanted to hold her own train tickets.  She’s growing up!

IMG_6116  IMG_6119IMG_6120  IMG_6121

As you can see, the train was a lot of fun.  Natalie and Makenna decided they were too big to sit next to their parents, so they sat by themselves and waved at everyone that we passed. 

IMG_6127  IMG_6128

We love the carousel, but Maejae wouldn’t sit on the horse unless Mommy sat with her.  Luckily Daddy was there to make sure Natalie kept hanging on!

IMG_6130  IMG_6101

And, then we played at the park.  Natalie made sand angels, and Maejae barked at all the dogs that passed and spent a lot of time on the swings.

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