Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Girls head to Utah

This last quarter was full of challenging classes for Nathan, and finals week looked to be quite busy. So, the girls and I decided to take a road trip to Utah to visit my sister and mom. Here are some highlights of our trip . . .

1) Natalie threw up right as we were about to get on the freeway. After cleaning her up, we hit the road for Utah.

2) Maejae threw up 2 hours in to the trip, and continued to throw up 4 additional times (each time required a stop on the side of the road, a new onesie, and a wipe-down of the car seat).

3) We stopped for lunch at Burger King with my friend, Jillian (who had caravaned with us). Natalie threw up 4 times while at the restaurant, and Maejae threw up once.

4) We made it to Utah in 12 hours. Which isn't bad considering the fact that we had a lot of unexpected stops, and 5 kids between the 2 moms!

5) Grandma and Natalie made some delicious Elmo cupcakes at Aunt Shelly's house.

6) The babies played so great together, and Grandma had fun playing with her 3 grandchildren.

7) We had a wonderful picnic at the park on Sunday after church. Natalie even got Uncle Russ to go down the slide, and spent a lot of time playing with a new "friend" she met while we were there.

8) We took a trip to the ER after I noticed some signs of dehydration in Maejae. She had thrown up the entire time we were in Utah, and I'm still not sure what she had. The doctor said she had to take some anti-nausea medicine, drink 8 ounce of liquid, and keep it down before we could leave. If that wasn't possible, and Maejae continued to throw up, we were going to have to do an IV. Luckily, she was able to keep her liquids down, and we were released at 1am.

9) Natalie finally got used to the big dog, and decided to play some fetch with Uncle Russ and Sumo. But, she did get a little bite on her side when the dog mistook her fist for a ball! Luckily, she was only scared a little, and continued to play with the dog.

10) My sister, mom, and I got to spend a lot of time chatting, playing with babies, shopping, eating, and hanging out! I miss my mom and sister quite a bit when the days get long, and the going gets tough. But, it sure is fun to get together when we can! Our next get together is in August for my brother's wedding! I can't wait!!!

* And a special thanks to Jillian for helping with all the throwing up, the sick kids, the long car-ride, etc. It sure is great to have such wonderful friends!

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