Saturday, June 19, 2010

We love our Daddy

Happy Father's Day
We Love you!

Top ten things we love about our Daddy:

10) He gives us the biggest hugs and kisses when he gets home from school
9) He plays horsey with us every night after dinner
8) He tickles us until we can't stop laughing
7) He teaches us how to play new games
6) He lets us play on his computer
5) He makes the best breakfast every Sunday
4) He carries us when our "ankles hurt" too bad *
3) He tucks us in our beds every night
2) He takes us camping, golfing, swimming, and to the park
1) He LOVES us!

* Natalie says her ankles hurt when she gets tired at night and doesn't want to walk up the stairs to go to her bed. This is, of course, when mommy and daddy let her stay up past her bedtime. She gets really silly and her favorite thing to do is say, "my ankles hurt" so daddy will carry her to bed. It's pretty cute, and oh so much like her mommy (I used to say my leg was breaking)!

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