Monday, July 12, 2010

Five years later . . .

Five years ago
June 4th, 2005

And - Five Awesome Years Later
June 4th, 2010:

- We have moved 6 times, finally ending up here in Glendale, AZ
- We went through 5 cats (trying to find the perfect one) before deciding on Copperbottom
- We have completed our undergraduate degrees with Nathan continuing on to Podiatry School
- We have brought 2 beautiful girls into our family, Natalie and Maejae
- We have taken various vacation trips to various states here in the US
- We have purchased our first house, and have made it a beautiful home
- etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.,

And finally . . .

We left the kids for the weekend and went to Squaw Peak Resort to celebrate 5 years together.
* We missed our usual beach trip, but being that Nathan had school, this was the next best thing!

We had an awesome weekend!

"Marriage: When two imperfect beings, who are perfect for each other, strive for perfection together."

*Nathan came up with this quote (and presented it to me in a card with flowers and a sweet note of reassurance) after I told him I felt as though I was so far from perfect that I'd never get there.

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