Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sisters - Forever!

Natalie has been learning a lot about being a sister. The past couple weeks she has learned that sometimes it's fun, exciting, and adventurous, but other times it's just plain hard. Here are some funny moments brought to you by my very own Miss Natalie:

Cleaning Up
Natalie remembers very well the day she came to the hospital and met her baby sister:

Mom: Natalie, it's time to go pick up your toys please
Natie: But mom - I don't wanna pick up my toys right now
Mom: I'm sorry, but you need to
Natie: why, Mom?
Mom: Because you're a big girl, and big girls pick up their toys
Natie: Ohhhhh. But Mom, we need to hurry and go to the hospital so they can put me back in your belly button because I don't wanna be a big girl right now. I wanna be a baby like Maejae.
Mom: Hahaha. Ummmm, it doesn't work that way sweetie.
Natie: Oh. Well, I'm only 3 years old. Can you help me pick up my toys
Mom: Sure . . . (still laughing)

The Toys
Last weekend we decided to take a trip to San Diego to celebrate Nathan's completion of his 2nd year of medical school and board exams (post to come). The drive is about 5 hours, so we equipped the girls with books, toys, and their teddy bears. One of the toys was a steering wheel that makes sounds, lights up, and has a horn. It is apparently (according to Natalie) "the favorite, best, toy." During the drive, Natalie was playing with her little laptop, and Maejae started to fuss. I reached behind me and gave her the steering wheel. Which resulted in the following:

Natalie: No Mommy, I want the steering car toy
Mom: Sorry Natalie, but Maejae had it first
Natalie: No, I did
Mom: No - you were playing with your computer. Let Maejae have a turn, and then you can have a turn
Natalie: But I want it right now
Mom: Sorry, but you need to share with your sister
Natalie: But Mom, I don't want a sister. I want to take her back to the hospital. Then I can have my car toy.

* At this point, Nathan was busting up laughing. I tried to hold it in, and quickly said,

"I'm sorry honey, it doesn't work that way. Maejae is our sister forever."

To which Natalie replied: Ugh, MOM! Fine. (Taking the toy from Mae) It's my turn Maejae.
Maejae: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Mom: Natalie, give that back to her. She gets 2 more minutes, and then you can have a turn.
Natalie: Mom . . . Ugh! Just . . . Ugh (giving the toy back to Maejae)!

Mommy and Daddy: Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

Learning, and Remembering
When we got home from San Diego, we had an appointment. While we were in the waiting room, I let Maejae crawl around and play with the kid toys they had set out. Natalie decided to join her. But, Natalie and Maejae started playing the head-butting game (they like to hit their heads together, which makes them both laugh pretty hard). A lady was laughing at the girls and decided to talk to Natalie:

Lady: You're silly
Natalie: Yeah, I am
Lady: How old are you
Natalie: 3
Lady: Is that your sister?
Natalie: Yeah - her name is Maejae. She's 1 years old. She's my sister FOREVER! We just . . . we just love her.

I was so proud that she remembered our conversation in the car, and still loves her sissy, even though she now has to share her toys! Let the learning continue . . .

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