Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sister Lynn's Farm

Natalie has a lot of friends at church, and one of those friends is Sister Lynn (one of her nursery leaders). So, a few weeks ago we had the opportunity to go to the Lynn's farm for a family BBQ.

Brother Lynn is an amazing working man! He built a separate bunny barn for Sister Lynn to raise her bunnies in. And, he built every single cage in that barn! It has a swamp cooler to keep the bunnies nice and cool during the summer, and has enough room to take visitors on a tour. When we were there, a lot of the bunnies had babies, and some of them were so small, they didn't even have fur yet. The Lynn's have about 200 bunnies in that barn, including some incredibly large bunnies that look like small dogs! They also have some chincillas (who, by the way, have the softest fur I have ever felt), and I loved cuddling with them the best. Natalie and Maejae were a little shy at first, but they soon warmed up and started giggling. It was so fun!

This is the biggest bunny she had while we were there. Pretty impressive, huh?!?


Next up was the turtles. They had about 15 large turtles, and a bunch of baby ones.

Maejae loved the turtles, and even got to sit on one. They are incredibly large for backyard turtles, but they are so fun. I tried to get Natalie to take a ride on one of the larger turtles, but she just wanted to touch them. As you can see, they are very friendly, and love the attention. (And that's Jessica, Sister's Lynn's daughter, and one of our babysitters).

* A list of animals at the Lynn Farm:
- About 200 bunnies
- Somewhere around 50-100 chinchillas
- 15 large turtles, and 20+ baby ones
- 8 dogs, and about 10 puppies
- 10 Chickens


After we took our our of the farm, and played with all the animals, we had a lovely BBQ prepared by Sister Lynn. Then we spent time on the trampoline, swing set, and playing in the pool. It was such a fun time, and we're so excited for our next visit!

I love this picture of Natalie!

We all took a turn off the slide - except for Natalie, who was being a chicken that night :)

A special thanks to Sister Lynn and her family for having us over!

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