Monday, February 7, 2011

She's MY kid for sure!

This morning the girls played quite nicely downstairs for 2 hours while I did the laundry and cleaning upstairs.  They didn't fight, argue, steal toys, yell, etc.  They laughed, cheered, ran around like crazy, and eventually sat quietly playing with their magnetic dolls (like paper dolls).  The upstairs is clean (except Natalie's room) and there are now 3 loads of laundry done.  However, downstairs got completely trashed with toys, books, and kitchen stuff (Maejae likes to empty the pantry).

I had Maejae clean up some of the mess before her nap and now Natalie wants to a do a craft during Maejae's nap-time.  Usually, this is routine and something I enjoy.  But, I told Natalie I wasn't going to get another mess out until she cleaned up her part of the mess downstairs.

It's been 2 hours!  Yes my friends - 2 hours.  Usually she is good at cleaning and sings her way through her chores.  But, so far she has come up with the following:

- My ankles hurt
- My stomach is too hungry
- I don't know how to do it
- I want to watch a movie
- Maybe we will do a craft tomorrow
- Ugh
- Ahhh
- Dangit
- Why, Mom
- But Maejae made the mess
- My feet are hurting too bad
- Ugh
- Ahhh
- Dangit

Looking at this list - I am reminded of A LOT of stories of my younger self.  I would say my legs were breaking, or I was too tired, or anything at all.  Cleaning just wasn't my thing when I was a kid.  But, I was pretty awesome at the excuses!  Sounds like Natalie is my kid for sure :)


  1. My house is totally trashed right now-- only the kids did NOT play nicely while making the mess!