Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Natalie starts Ballet and Tap

Natalie recently started taking Ballet and Tap at a local dance studio here in AZ.  She has always wanted to do ballet, but I didn’t think she was quite old enough. Turns out, she was, and really enjoys dancing!  They are pretty strict at this studio, so no parents are allowed in the dance hall.  But, we were allowed to take pictures through the observation window, and some of them turned out ok.  We are going to continue with Ballet and Tap until June, when Natalie will start taking swimming lessons again.

IMG_7149  IMG_7151IMG_7153  IMG_7154IMG_7158

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  1. Is that through the rec center, or is it through a studio? If not through the rec, how much was it? The girls would love a dance class, and I missed signing up for it through Peoria's rec program a few weeks ago.