Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Princess Birthday Party

Natalie and her friend, Makenna, both had their birthday within a month of each other.  While talking to Makenna’s mom, Pam, we realized that we were both going to do Princess themed parties.  So, we decided to combine parties and invite lots of princess friends to join in on the fun.

Welcome to the Princess Party

IMG_7197  IMG_7207
We had Gift Bags for all the Princesses, and set up a small Princess Table for the girls to eat their cake and ice cream.
IMG_7201  IMG_7205
I made banners and picture collages for each of the girls.  Here’s Natalie’s.
IMG_7176  IMG_7175
We started the party with these adorable Coloring Books and crayons for each girl.  Pam made all the place settings and a lot of the decorations.
IMG_7188  IMG_7170IMG_7180
We had a Candy Table with Princess Bags for the girls to fill up.  Then, we had cake, ice cream, and punch for everyone to enjoy.  I made the cake, which turned out ok, but was definitely not my best cake.
Let the Party Begin!
We started with coloring, and crafts.
Each girl got to make a princess crown and bracelet to take home with them.
Then we played “Pin the Crown on the Princess”
IMG_7243  IMG_7245
Next up was the Princess Relay race.  Each girl had to dress up as a princess, pose for a picture, and then run back to their team to switch princesses. The girls actually did quite well with the relay and had fun posing for their pictures!
IMG_7276  IMG_7285  IMG_7272
Eventually, we got around to actually eating the Cake and Ice Cream.
The girls really enjoyed their own princess table.
And last, but not least – Presents!!
I think both girls got spoiled with Princess presents from all of their friends.

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