Sunday, May 1, 2011

She’s so Spoiled!

Natalie had the best birthday present ever: Her Grandma Beaumont came to town, as well as her Aunty Shelly, Uncle Russ, and Cousin Gavin.  Yep – she’s one spoiled girl.

IMG_7604  IMG_7605 

More Presents!

IMG_7607  IMG_7610 

Uncle Jason and Aunt Lisa got Natalie a big Rapunzel doll and Nail Polish

IMG_7613  IMG_7614 

Aunt Shelly and Uncle Russ got her a Princess Sticker and Coloring Book

IMG_7616  IMG_7618IMG_7619

Uncle Scotty got Natalie this Look and Find Princess book.  Natalie loved it, but as soon as she went to open her next gift, Maejae snuck in and stole it!

 IMG_7620IMG_7622  IMG_7626IMG_7627

This is from Grandma Beaumont.  Natalie got her very own real porcelain doll, that looks a lot like Natalie did when she was a baby.  Natalie named her Jasmine (of course) and got a lot of new clothes for her dolly.  Jasmine goes almost everywhere with us now, and has her own little bed in Natalie’s room.

 IMG_7628IMG_7630  IMG_7633

Finally, Natalie got to see what her big present from Mom, Dad, and Maejae was.  A Brand New BIG GIRL Bike!  With a basket and baby seat for Baby Bear or Jasmine.  Luckily, Natalie loved it!


We finished the night with Cake and Ice Cream.  Aren’t they so cute Smile

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