Monday, May 23, 2011

Sometimes growing up isn't so fun . . .

Today didn't go as planned after some of our evening plans for FHE fell through.  But, we decided to make the best of it, and go to the play area at the mall with our friends.  We had dinner at the little food court, and Maejae decided she didn't want to eat a single thing (she's usually our best eater).  Then, both girls started crying and got really clingly at the play area.  Natalie got her hand smacked and then got hit in the head when she ran into another boy. She may get her first black eye - but time will tell.  The crying didn't stop, but we decided a quick window shopping might help cheer up our girls (because it is usually one of their favorite things).

But, we had a meltdown at the Disney Store because Natalie didn't get a prize.  She said, "But mommy, Makenna got a prize."  I asked if Natalie brought her money and she said "no, but you did."  Poor girl has had this lesson quite a few times in her short little life - mommy's money doesn't buy everything!  Needless to say, the meltdown from the Disney Store continued to the Puppy Store, the parking lot, the drive home, and while putting on pajamas.  Poor Natalie is - at this very moment - in her room trying to work out her frustrations.  We tried talking to her, but she just needs time to learn on her own that sometimes growing up isn't very much fun!

Maejae, on the other hand, is sitting next to me holding on to her blankie.  Her meltdown stopped as soon as we got home and she got her pajamas on.  She just didn't want to be at the mall I guess.  And, being that she's becoming a tom-boy, I don't blame her.  She has been clingy lately, but I don't mind.  I like cuddling with her, and know that her time is limited cause when this new baby comes, she'll have to grow up quickly. Again - sometimes growing up isn't very much fun!

I had to laugh though. My friend stopped me at the Puppy Store and said, "I feel bad saying this, but I'm so glad it's your kids throwing a fit and not mine.  I think this is the first time I've seen your kids throwing a fit!"  Hahaha!  Although I must admit my kids rarely throw actual tantrums, they do get very whiny sometimes, and throw little fits here and there.  But, I guess that just means that I am needed as a mother.  I get to teach them how to grow up - and hopefully they will grow up remembering all that Nathan and I have done to teach them.  Poor girls - sometimes life is just tough!

Do you see how much my girls have grown?
This was taken when Maejae was 6 months old.
Natalie was 2 1/2 years old.
My - how time flies!

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