Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jump World

For an early celebration of Maejae’s 2nd Birthday, we went to a trampoline place that Uncle Jason loves to play at.  It was so much fun watching everyone jumping (I didn’t jump cause I was over 7 months pregnant).  Maejae LOVED jumping and had a blast.

IMG_8448  IMG_8450  IMG_8452  IMG_8453  IMG_8454  IMG_8455

Our friends, Kassie and Matt, came to jump with us.

IMG_8458  IMG_8461  IMG_8463IMG_8465  IMG_8467

The kid’s favorite part was the foam pit.  They would jump as high as they could and land in the pit.  Natalie did great getting out herself, but Maejae needed a little help. 

IMG_8468  IMG_8470

And finally – Boys will be Boys! Uncle Jason and Daddy had fun showing off their flips, spins, and extra high jumps. 

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