Monday, January 26, 2009

Natalie's 1st Birthday!!!

April brought with it Natalie’s very 1st Birthday! I can hardly believe that she is 1 year old already, and that she has continued to grow so fast. We had a friend take some pics of our adorable little girl. She is getting so big:

Natalie Playing on Daddy's Feet

Natalie looking at the Ducks below the bridge!

We had Shelly and Russ fly up for Natalie’s Birthday. My cousin Amelia and her fiancé came down from British Columbia and spent the day with us as well. We took a fun trip to the beach and got to visit the aquarium where Natalie loved poking the sea urchins.

She LOVED poking these!

We went to a wonderful seafood restaurant (Gracie's Sea Hagg) and had dinner while listening to a girl play music on wine bottles. It was pretty fascinating and Grandma and Natalie sure loved watching.

Natalie got so many gifts for her birthday. Grandma and Grandma Larson gave her a gorgeous dress. Grandpa Beaumont gave her a new toy box that looks like a dollhouse. She loves it, and it is perfect for her to pull her toys out and play with. For now, we’re learning how to pick them up afterwards! She also got some building blocks, sports blocks, books, cards, and new toys from my sister, Russ, Scott, and my cousins. Nathan and I got her a new big-girl carseat that she loves.

And, above all . . . Grandma Beaumont bought her the most exciting gift for everyone that showed up at my Dad’s house for cake and ice cream. Grandma got her a (believe it or not) Baby Alive Doll. That thing is amazing. It’s a large doll, about the size Natalie was at 2 months old. It has hair, eyes that blink, clothes, binkies, a bottle, and it even talks. But, what was most fun is the fact that you can literally feed this doll and it CRAPS!!! Yes, that’s right. It actually pees its pants and takes a crap. We have little tiny diapers for this doll. It was so funny to watch as Russ bottle fed Natalie’s doll, and as everyone was grossed out by the fact that the diaper filled so quickly. Nathan doesn’t really like it (he says it's, “just more diapers to change”) but it was a kick to watch. Now, a few months later, Natalie can even feed her dolly and likes to make it talk. It’s quite cute and fun to play with.

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