Monday, July 11, 2011

Easter Activities

Easter at our house is a little different.  I always grew up with Easter baskets and a lot of Easter Egg hunts.  But, Nathan didn’t, and doesn’t like the thought of making Easter something it really isn’t.  So, we don’t do Easter baskets, and we don’t do any sort of presents or candy for our children.  In fact, I don’t even think our kids know much about the Easter Bunny, except that he’s scary.  But, we’re ok with that. 

The girls know we celebrate Christ at Easter, and I think that has helped me get over feeling like my kids are missing out.  Because really – they aren’t.  They got to do some fun craft projects, and colored Easter Eggs.  They even went to a couple Easter Egg hunts on Saturday and got some candy there.  Natalie won a prize at the Midwestern Easter egg hunt, and Maejae got lots of chocolate (her favorite).  So, all in all, they didn’t miss out on anything.  Come Easter Sunday, we were able to relax, play a few games, have a nice dinner, and just enjoy our family after church.


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