Monday, July 11, 2011

The Train Park–A very late blog.

On Grandma’s last day here in Arizona, we took the kids to the train park.  It was a little warm by the time we got there, so we enjoyed some time in the sprinklers, and got nice and dirty.  I’m pretty sure the kids loved every minute of it.

IMG_7643  IMG_7648

First, we started with a ride on the carousel.


And gave sweet kisses to our sissy.

  IMG_7670IMG_7671  IMG_7713IMG_7724IMG_7728

We took a couple rides on the little train.


IMG_7703  IMG_7695IMG_7704

Then, we walked around the park for a bit.

IMG_7705  IMG_7706IMG_7707  IMG_7708IMG_7709  IMG_7710 

And lastly, we played at the park.  Maejae and Gavin spent most of the time running through the mister, and got nice and sandy!

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