Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Month Long Road Trip

I love the NW.  I love the trees, the rain, the clouds, the water all around, and the many activities there are to do.  So, this June, we decided to take a trek up to visit both sides of the family.  We started our trip by stopping in Utah to visit my sister and her family, and Nathan’s brother and his family.  We spent our time hiking, eating yummy food, shopping, and hanging out. 

IMG_7795  IMG_7803IMG_7809  IMG_7826

Nathan took the kids on a Uncle Peter’s mini-bike.  Maejae loved it, but Gavin and Natalie weren’t too sure about it.  We made Natalie try, but she cried the whole time. 

IMG_7827  IMG_7832 IMG_7846 

.The kids had an awesome time hiking, with Natalie leading the way, and Gavin running to keep up!  Maejae took up the tail because she kept stopping to play with bugs, draw in the dirt, and throw rocks.

  IMG_7835  IMG_7839 

Maejae and I had quite a bit of fun jumping off rocks, jumping over rocks, and walking on the trail together.  But, she eventually wanted to be carried . . . and let’s just face it – I wasn’t going to carry her while hiking and over 7 months prego.

IMG_7843  IMG_7851 

Lucky for Maejae, Daddy is very nice, and agreed to carry her as long as she was happy.  Here they are working their way up the trail, and posing for a picture.

  IMG_7854  IMG_7856   IMG_7875  IMG_7876 IMG_7886  IMG_7888

At the end of the trail, there was a small waterfall with a creek running below it.  We stopped to play in the water a bit, and take some pictures.  I miss green hikes like these!

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  1. So Natalie didn't like riding this one but loved riding the scooter? Silly girl! It was fun to check out all of the pictures! : )