Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Boating in Lewiston

My brother, Jason, and my Mom drove the girls and I up to Idaho to meet up with Nathan.  It is only a 6 hour drive, but I didn’t want them to have to drive all that way without any fun.  So, we decided to take them out on the boat, and had a wonderful time playing in the water!


Being that Natalie is 3 years old, we decided it was time to introduce her to the tube.  She was a little apprehensive at first, but started to really enjoy it.  Grandma was so good to remind her to be brave and smile.  So, when the tube ride was over, and Natalie got back in the boat, she said to me, “Mommy I was brave.  That was so much fun!” 

IMG_5856IMG_5874 IMG_5858IMG_5891

This is what Maejae did on the boat. She got a lot of attention from her Aunt Karen and Grandma Larson.  Then, she cuddled with Nathan, and finally fell asleep in the front of the boat.  Her cousin wrapped her up so just her head was sticking out. It was so cute, but hopefully by next summer she will be ready to swim in the river.

IMG_5857  IMG_5881


This is my brother Jason.  He likes a lot of the same things Nathan does, so it’s awesome for me to always have my best friends get together outdoors!  Jason did a lot of back flips off the boat, tried surfing, and went wake boarding.  He got some pretty good air, but I was too slow to get any really good pictures.  But, I guarantee you that he did have fun.


Here’s my cute little momma!  I love her to pieces.  She has some serious neck issues, but that didn’t stop her from trying to surf.  She got up once, but I was again too slow with the camera.  But, here she is getting lessons, trying her best, and with a smile at the end!

IMG_5884 IMG_5889


My hubby and myself!  We had a lot of fun on the boat, and I was actually able to surf without the rope by the time we finished on the boat.  Of course, I will never be as good as my hubby, who gets air on almost every jump, tries new tricks every time, and makes it looks easy to surf and wakeboard.  But, that’s cause he’s pretty much a stud!

         IMG_5915 IMG_5917 IMG_5920

And, lastly, the kayak!  Nathan’s brother came on Monday and brought his Kayak so the 3 brothers decided to try and pull it on the boat.  They had a lot of fun trying to kayak behind the boat, but it was quite the workout, and I’m pretty sure their arms got tired, even if they deny it.  They had a lot of fun though, and was a great end to our boating weekend!

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  1. Joel LOVES boating. Every time we go out with my parents or Rob's parents, he squeals and laughs and claps his hands. And usually by the end he's worn himself out and falls asleep. Gotta introduce them young so they grow up loving it :)