Monday, October 25, 2010

I'll laugh at it tonight . . .

Do you ever have one of those days that starts off on the wrong foot, slowly gets worse, and then ends up with you laughing at everything when you try to tell your hubby what your day was like?  Well - today is one of those days here at the Larson house.  And, it's only 12:30pm . . . but we'll get through!

It all started with me getting up at 5:30am with Nathan.  He left for the clinic and I did my morning devotional.  I felt sick to my stomach.  Then got the sneezes.  Then got stuffed up.  Yep!  I have a cold.

Then the girls woke up sneezing, and with puffy eyes.  But, that didn't stop Maejae from being giggly all morning long!  She's laid back like that - unless you steal her toys!  Natalie is like me though, we like to milk our illnesses!

We went on a nice walk with our friend, and enjoyed the cool morning air.  It was good to get out and feel a little rejuvenated after a head-cold filled house!

When we got back, I decided we'd do an early lunch and read books.  Natalie wanted Mac & Cheese so I decided that sounded pretty good.  But, then I started staring off into space and burnt the Mac & Cheese. So, I made a 2nd pot for the girls.  This time, it cooked up nicely, and without much staring off.  But, I decided not to be lazy about my lunch-time so I was going to put the Mac & Cheese into a nice glass serving dish, instead of keeping it in the pot. 

I turned around just in time for Natalie to come running in the Kitchen to tell me something exciting.  We ran right into each other.  The bowl I was carrying hit her in the head, fell to the ground, and shattered.

I said, "Dangit!"  And Natalie said, "Ouch!"

I turned around to see blood dripping down her foot.  The glass that shattered must have flown a little. A piece of glass was sticking out of the top of her foot!  I pulled the glass out, evacuated the cat and baby, and blocked off the kitchen.

Then I cleaned up Natalie's foot while she cried and said, "Mom, my dad's gonna be so mad I hurt my foot."  And yeah - he's going to be a Podiatrist - so maybe he'll be concerned.  But, I tried to tell her it was an accident and she said, "No mommy, I ran in to you.  I'm sorry."  Poor thing.  We put a Cars band-aid on her foot and she soon stopped crying.  But then said, "Maejae, NO!"

I turn around to see Maejae climbing over my barrier (yes - she is a climber).  The cat is already in the kitchen.  I got them out of the area, cleaned up the glass, and served lunch.  We read about 10 books today, and as I was getting a drink of water from the fridge, I stepped on a sliver of glass.  Then swept the floor for the third time!

And now, the kids are in bed and I'm off to do my housework.  See - I'm already laughing at our crazy day!  And, we're super excited about Halloween and have had so much fun already.  I'll post more on that later.  But for now - aren't they cute?

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