Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A week with my Sister in Utah

The girls and I took a trip to Utah with our friend, Ashley (who happened to have a photo shoot there).  It was so fun to stay and play with my little sister for an entire week.  I miss her!


We spent time playing at the house, driving the gator and playing catch with Sumo (their Boxer Dog).

 IMG_6018 IMG_6029 IMG_6033 IMG_6054

We went to the new park!  It had a splash pad, and park.  Natalie and Gavin had a lot of fun playing in the water with Uncle Russ.  But, Maejae was more content bear crawling around the perimeter of the water area!  She’s a girly-girl sometimes.

 IMG_6060 IMG_6068

We spent time tackling and cuddling with the dog, each other, and our siblings.

 IMG_6108 IMG_6135

We had a family day, with my Sister and her husband (my bro-in-law), their baby boy, my girls,  one of my sister-in-laws from Nathan’s side, and my other little nephew.  We saw a ton of animals, but this was by far the biggest Tiger any of us had ever seen!  It was HUGE.

This picture does NOT do it justice!

 IMG_6150 IMG_6192 

We took the kids swimming!  All 3 kids jumped in the pool (well, Natalie jumped – the babies sat on the edge of the Pool and scooted themselves forward until they fell into the pool).  And then, Natalie decided to ambush Aunt Shelly!!  I think Shell-Bell secretly liked it!

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