Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time our for Women

I went to Time Out for Women this year with some of my girlfriends here in Arizona.  We had a wonderful time, shared a few good laughs, shed a few tears, and learned a lot about gratitude, holiness, and love.  It has already changed my life in the 2 weeks following the event, and I know that I will continue to reflect on the wonderful words that were spoken, and the testimonies that were shared. 


Pam, Jenn, Jillian, Carissa

* For a recap on the event we were blessed to take part of, check out this or this.  It was Amazing!


  1. Ha ha, I like how you linked back to Jillian and my blog! ; )

  2. Ha ha. I was just going to say that! Way to take the easy way out, Jenn. Just kiddin'. We love ya!

  3. Now, why would I spend time writing a long post when you two have already done it? See, I'm not taking the easy way out - I'm taking the SMART way out! Hahahaha! I know you guys are jealous :)